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Photo Tips


100s of photography tips for you.

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Beecher's Handouts


Beecher's Handouts is a free 122 page book about camera tools: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, and more.

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You can also download a free copy.

Choose between a Word document or a PDF file.

Camera Tools

Light Aperture Shutter Speed ISO Focal Length Composition White Balance Raw

Photo Cheat Sheet

The Photo Cheat Sheet is two sides of a single sheet of paper.

The cheat sheet has questions you need to ask yourself before you press the shutter release.

Peruse it online with your laptop or phone and download a free copy.

Photo Cheat Sheet Quiz

Review the Photo Cheat Sheet. Quiz yourself online.

Photo Flash Cards

Use the flash cards to make learning about your camera easy. Download a free copy.

Camera Features Explained

Click camera features for a description of what they do.

Great Ingredients

Take a tour of the ingredients that make great photographs.



Everything you need to know about the key modules in Lightroom.

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You can also download as follows:

Browser Versions

If you want to use the tutorials on your computer—with links that work—download here. Open the files in Firefox or another browser.

PDF Versions

If you want to print the Lightroom tutorials—download here.

Lightroom Shortcuts (Word or PDF)

Develop Module Cheat Cards (Word or PDF)

Photoshop Elements


Unknown Photographer

100s of articles & tutorials make editing with Photoshop Elements easier and fun.

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Go to the first menu below.

Intermediate & Advanced Editors

Go to the second menu below.


The most popular section here is Print Size Calculators.



Ways-of-working in Photography


PATH is a book about the most important ingredient in photography.

Most books are about cameras.

This book is about you.

Read online or download a free copy.

Choose between a Word document or a PDF file.

Creative Energy Questionnaire


What Does It Do?


If You Have a Question


Your Questionnaire


Your Questionnaire

Pencil Version

Get Going!

Over 300 Master Photographers


Explore the work of other photographers.

For Jim's Students

Here's information for my students.