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Over 300 Master Photographers


Chem Madoz Surrealism
David Maisel Aerial
Jay Maisel Editorial
Man Ray (Emanuel Radnitzsky, 1890-1976) Surrealism
Robert Mapplethorpe Portraits, nudes, flowers
Lazhar Mansouri Algerian portrait photographer
Sally Mann Children, landscapes, death
Étienne Jules Marey Classic
Mary Ellen Mark Photo essays
Polli Marriner Chemigrams
William H. Martin (1865-1940) Tall-tale post cards
Leo Matiz (1865-1940) Colombia
Don McCullin Viet Nam & other wars, landscapes
Steve McCurry That picture of the Afghan woman
Judith K. McMillan X-ray
Ralph Eugene Meatyard Family, surrealism
Susan Meiselas Photojournalism
Eric Meola Portraits, landscapes, Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run
Tony Mendoza Ernie
Jeff Mermelstein Street
Roger Mertin Diverse
Ray Metzker Chicago
Sheila Metzner Fresson color printing process
Joel Meyerowitz Cape Cod, redheads, World Trade Center
Joan Meyers Nudes
Steven Meyers X-ray
Duane Michals Photographs accompanied by his writing, does sequences/stories
Lee Miller (1907-1977) May Ray, Paris, World War II
Arno Rafael Minkkinen Human landscapes, did a great book, Frostbite
Richard Misrach Landscapes
Lisette Model Taught Diane Arbus
Andrea Modica Barbara, from the book, Treadwell, the child had juvenile diabetes
Tina Modotti Nature, portraits
László Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946) Bauhaus
Sarah Moon Fashion
William Mortensen People
Inge Morath Diverse
Barbara Morgan (1900-1992) Dance
Vik Muniz Conceptual
Martin Munkacsi Fashion
Nickolas Muray Portraits, lover of Frida Kahlo
Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904) Human locomotion, early moving pictures
Carl Mydans Depression, WWII