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Over 300 Master Photographers


Richard Galpin Peeled photographs
Alexander Gardner (1821-1882) Civil War, worked for Mathew Brady
William Garnett Aerial
William Gedney U.S., India
Arnold Genthe San Francisco, NYC, autochromes
Gilbert & George Teamwork
Robert Giard Architecture, nudes, portraits
Laura Gilpin Southwest
Burt Glinn Travel, advertising
Anthony Goicolea Self-portraits, fantasy, absurdity
Jim Goldberg Rich & Poor
David Goldblatt South Africa
Nan Goldin Photographs of her life & friends, classic early work: Ballad of Sexual Dependency
Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1957-1996) Conceptual art, minimalism, political
William Gottlieb Jazz
Emmet Gowin Aerial
Gustave Le Gray (1820-1884) Portraits & landscapes
Jill Greenberg Portraits
Milton H. Greene Look magazine
Lois Greenfield Dance
Jan Groover Still life, little online, has published many books
Andreas Gursky Large photos