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Over 300 Master Photographers


Claude Cahun  (Lucy Schwob) Surrealist, precursor to Cindy Sherman
Harry Callahan Nudes, landscapes
Richard Caldicott Abstract color
Julia Margaret Cameron Portraits
Evelyn Cameron 1880s Montana
Cornell Capa Founder of ICP
Robert Capa War
Paul Caponigro Landscapes
Lewis Carroll Portraits
Keith Carter Childhood & more
Rob & Nick Carter Light paintings
Henri Cartier-Bresson Surrealist hiding under the guise of photojournalist, classic street scenes, portraits
Elinor Carucci Nudes
James Casebere Models of interiors
Harold Cazneaux (1878-1953) Australia
Cheung Ping Chinese pastoralist
Chi Peng Landscapes
Chim (David Seymour) Photojournalist
William Christenberry Southern landscapes
Larry Clark Adolescents
Alvin Langdon Coburn (1882-1966) Cityscapes
Linda Connor Landscapes
Lois Conner Nudes
Mariana Cook Portraits
John Coplans (1920-2003) Nude self-portraits
Eileen Cowin Family tableaus
David Crawford Animated Boston subway portraits
Gregory Crewdson Staged scenes
Katherine D. Crone Sculptural book forms
Imogen Cunningham Pictoralist of the f/64 School
Edward S. Curtis Native American portraits, landscapes
Charles W. Cushman Landscapes