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Photo Tips > Magnify the Screen

The numbers in boxes, and the icons, can be hard to see in Photoshop Elements and other programs.

You can magnify the screen.


You can use the Windows Magnifier to enlarge the screen wherever the cursor is located.

Below, the opacity percentage is being enlarged.


To open Magnify:

1) Go to the Windows Start menu by clicking the start button, pressing Ctrl + Esc, or pressing the Windows key.

2) Press r, or click Run.

3) Enter magnify.

4) Click OK.

5) Minimize the Magnify window.


You have to enable the zoom feature.

Do the following.

1) Go the Apple menu > System Preferences > Universal Access.

2) Click Zoom On in the Universal Access window.

Or, press Cmd + Opt (Alt) + 8.

To use the zoom feature, do the following.

1) Press and hold Option (aka Alt) + Command (Cmd).

2) Press the plus (=) key to enlarge, and the minus key (-) to decrease the magnification.

Opt + Cmd + - (minus key) Zoom Out
Opt + Cmd + = Zoom In

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