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Learn Photography

Photoshop Elements > Navigation > Navigation Basics

Navigation includes the following.

• Making your photograph bigger and smaller.

• Moving around the photograph, up-and-down and sideways.

Here are some of the most used methods for doing the above.

For a complete discussion, go to Navigation.

Bigger & Smaller


When you make your photography bigger and smaller on the screen, you're changing it's magnification.

The image of your photograph, when it's life-sized, is at 100% magnification.

If you make it smaller, the percentage drops below 100%.

If you make it bigger than life-size, then the percentage goes above 100%.

The magnification percentage is located in the lower-left corner of the work area.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The advantage of using the keyboard shortcuts is that you don't need to use the Zoom tool.

You can be using any tool, and can zoom by using the keyboard shortcuts below.

Bigger Ctrl +
Smaller Ctrl –


Bigger Ctrl + Spacebar
Smaller Alt + Spacebar

Click the Pic

Select the Zoom tool in Tools, or press z.



Make sure the plus (+) icon is selected in options bar/Tool Options.


The cursor contains a plus (+).

Click, repeatedly if necessary, on your photograph to make it bigger.


Press and hold Alt.

The cursor now contains a minus (-).

Click, repeatedly if necessary, on your photograph to make it smaller.

Fit on Screen

Fit on Screen means your photograph will fill the screen.

Do one of the following.

• Press Ctrl + 0 (zero).

• Double click the Hand tool icon in Tools.

Up, Down, & Sideways

Scroll Bars

If you need to move the photograph a great distance, use the scroll bars.

Click on a bar, hold, and drag.

Hand Tool

You can use the Hand tool to move the photograph shorter distances.

Do the following.

1) Press and hold the space bar.

2) Click on the photograph, hold, and drag.


Go to Navigation > 1 - Introduction.