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Photoshop Elements >

Batch Processing

You can use Photoshop Elements for processing files at the same time—batch processing.

You can process multiple files at the same time.

Non-Raw Files

Go to File > Process Multiple Files.

You have several decisions to make.

Decision #1 - Which Photographs?

Select the photographs that you want to process.

Open the menu at the top of this section.

You can:

• Select Folder, and click Browse to find the desired folder.

If you want to include subfolders within the selected folder, select Include All Subfolders.

• Select Import to process photographs while they're imported.

• Open photographs in Photoshop Elements, and they will be processed if you select Opened Files.


Source & Destination

Decision #2 - Where Do You

Want Them to Go?

In the Destination section:

• You can send your processed photographs to another folder by clicking on Browse and selecting the folder.

• Or, select Same as Source to send them to the folder where the original photographs are located.

However, if you do so, the original photographs will be overwritten, replaced, by the processed photographs.

Decision #3 - Rename?

If you wish, select Rename Files, and choose from many possibilities, or enter your own text.


File naming

Decision #4 - Change the Size?

If you want to change the size of the photographs, select Resize Images, and enter values for size and resolution.

Go to Change the Size.


Image Size

Decision #5 - Different File Format?

Select File Type to change from one file format to another.


File Type

Decision #6 - Log Errors?

If you select Log errors that result from processing files, processing will not be interrupted by an error.

Instead, any errors are reported at the end of the processing in a log file.

Decision #7 - Right Side

You can use the right side of the window to:

• Make Quick Fixes.

• Add captions and watermarks.

Oddly, Photoshop Elements can batch process photographs for red eye in the Quick Fix section, but not here.

Go to Batch Process for Red Eye Removal


Right Side

Raw Converter Batch Processing

You can do batch processing with the Photoshop Elements raw converter.

Do the following.

1) Go to File > Open.

2) Select a group of raw files.

3) Click Open.

The Camera raw converter opens.

4) Press Ctrl + a to select all of the raw files.

5) Edit.

All of the selected raw files will be edited.

6) When finished, do one of the following.

• Press Open Image.

The edited files will open in Photoshop Elements.

• Press Done.

The editing is saved, and the Camera raw converter closes.

You can save the edited files as JPEGs.

a) Open the Organizer.

b) Go to File > Get Photo & Videos > From Files & Folders.

c) Navigate to the folder containing the raw files you processed.

d) Select the raw files.

e) Click Get Media.

The raw files are imported into the Organizer.

f) Press Ctrl + a to select all of the raw files.

g) Go to File > Export as New Files.

h) In the Export New Files window, there are three sections on the right side.


• File Type: JPEG

• Size & Quality: Original Size and 12

• Location: Browse to the raw file folder or a different one.

i) Click Export.

The raw files that you processed are sent to the folder you selected as JPEGs.

Drag an Adjustment Layer Method

If you make a change using an adjustment layer in one photograph, you can drag the adjustment layer onto other photographs to make the same change.

Go to Move an Adjustment Layer.