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6 - Organizer Problems

If you're experiencing problems with the Organizer, try the following remedies.

General Remedies

Try the following in the order below.

1) Close Photoshop Elements and reopen it.

2) Shut down down your computer and restart it.

3) Delete the Organizer preferences file.

Do the following.

a) Go to the Organizer.

b) Go to Edit > Preferences.

c) Click through the preferences windows and jot down any changes you have made.

d) In the General window, at the bottom, click Restore Default Settings.

e) Click through the preferences windows and restore your settings to where they were.

4) In the Organizer, go to File > Manage Catalogs.

The Catalog Manager window opens.

Click on the name of your catalog, which is probably My Catalog.

On the right side of the Catalog Manager window, click Optimize.

Then, click Repair.

4) Insert the installation DVD for Photoshop Elements (if you have one).

Try the Repair feature.

If that doesn't help, uninstall Photoshop Elements and reinstall the program.

5) Search:

Adobe Photoshop Elements Learn & Support

Adobe Photoshop Elements Community

If you don't find an answer, join the forum and ask about the problem.

Give the version of Photoshop Elements that you're using, your computer operating system, and the exact text of any error message.

6) Go to Installation Problems for Adobe customer service information.

Missing Files Remedies

If you have missing files, questionmarks appear instead of thumbnails.

The links between your original photograph files—and Photoshop Elements—are broken.

Photoshop Elements doesn't know where the files are located.

There are two reasons for missing files.

Reason #1 - You're the Bad Guy

Missing files are usually the fault of the user—not Photoshop Elements.

When you move, rename, or delete files, you must do so with Photoshop Elements.

If you move, rename, or delete files using Windows Explorer or Finder (Mac), Photoshop Elements doesn't know you did so.

Go to File > Reconnect > All Missing Files.

Reason #2 - Photoshop Elements

Is the Bad Guy

The thumbnail cache may have become corrupted.

Do the following to rebuild the thumbnail cache.

The process may take many hours.

1) Click the All Media button.

2) Press Ctrl + a (Cmd + a for Mac) to select all of the thumbnails.

3) Go to Edit > Update Thumbnail for Selected Items.