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Learn Photography

Photoshop Elements >

Organizer > 1 - Open

There are six sections:

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Deleting & Sorting

Organizing Your Photographs

In this section:

Like a Card Catalog

The Organizer is like a card catalog.

The Organizer contains "cards," links to your photographs.

Your photographs are not located in the Organizer.

Your photographs are sitting in the "stacks," your folders in My Pictures or Pictures.

Once You Start Using the Organizer . . .

. . . use it for just about everything.

Use the Organizer to delete, rename, and move your files.

Don't go to My Pictures or Pictures and delete, rename, or move files between folders.

If you do, the Organizer won't know what you've done.

You'll see question marks.

Your photographs have gone missing.


Summary of the Above Two Sections

If you understand what follows, you will save yourself a hassle later on.

Key Point #1

Your photograph files are in My Pictures or Pictures.

They are not in the Organizer.

Only the thumbnails are in the Organizer.

Key Point #2

If you go to My Pictures or Pictures, look but don't touch.

Don't delete, rename, or move files and folders while looking in My pictures or Pictures.

Only delete, rename, or move files and folders when in the Organizer.

Open the Organizer

You can open the Organizer from the welcome window.

Or, you can click the Organizer icon at the bottom of your screen.