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6 - More

Add Screens With Text

Lightroom only has an intro screen and an ending screen.

Do the following to add more screens—for text—to display between photographs.

1 - Photograph

1) Photograph with the lens cap on to create a black photograph.

Set the lens to manual focus and the exposure mode dial to M, first.

Or, photograph something to use as a background for your text, such as a wall or fabric.

2 - Import & Drag

2) Import the photograph into Lightroom.

3) Drag it into your slideshow collection.

4) Make as many virtual copies of the photograph as you will need.

3 - Add Metadata

5) Press g to go to the Library module.

6) Select one of the photographs.

7) Open the Metadata panel on the right side of your screen.

8) Change the menu from Default to EXIF and IPTC

9) Look for an unused metadata category, such as Description Writer.

10) Enter the text for the screen and press Enter.

11) Repeat the above for each photograph.

4 - Slideshow Module

12) Go to the Slideshow module.

13) Click ABC in the Tool bar.

14) Select Edit in the menu to the right of the ABC icon.

The Text Template Editor window opens.

15) Highlight Custom Text and press Delete.


Delete Custom Text

16) In the ITPC Data section, select Description Writer.


Select Description Writer

17) Click the Insert button and click Done.

The text that you entered for each black screen will appear on the black screens.

Empty text-overlay boxes will appear on your other photographs.

They won't be visible when you save your slideshow.



If you need the text to be in a different position on each black screen, do the following.

1) Use a different empty metadata category for each screen.

2) Create a different text-overlay box on each black screen.

Use Print Module Layouts

In the Print module, select a template in the Template Browser panel on the left side of your screen.

Below, Custom (2) 4 x 6 was selected.


Custom (2) 4 x 6

Drag two photographs onto the layout boxes in the work area.


Work Area

In the Print Job panel on the right side of your screen, select JPEG File in the the Print To menu


Print To

Click Print to File in the lower-right corner of your screen.

Select a destination, such as the folder in Pictures where your slideshow photographs are located.

Enter a name, and click Save.

Press g to go to the Library module.

Import the photograph into Lightroom.

Drag it into your slideshow collection.


Slideshow Module Work Area