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4 - Playback Panel

Slideshow Mode

Select Automatic.

Lightroom will change the screens automatically.

If you select Manual, you have to click the arrows to move between screens.


Sync Slides to Music

If you select Sync Slides to Music, Lightroom will set the duration of each screen to fit the beat of the music.

Videos are not played.

Instead, a preview (poster frame) of the video is displayed in order to stay with the music beat.

You Set the Times

If it's not selected, you can set the length of time:

• Each screen is displayed.

• Of the crossfade transition between screens.

Fit to Music

If you click Fit to Music, Lightroom will calculate how long each screen is displayed according to the length of the music.

Audio Balance

If you have videos in your slideshow, Lightroom can automatically adjust which audio is more dominant—the music or the video's audio.

Pan & Zoom

When the slider is set to Low, there's little panning and zooming.


Select Repeat to have your slideshow loop continuously.

Random Order

If you select Random Order, Lightroom displays the screens randomly.


You can set Preview to Draft for a low quality but faster rendering of the preview.

For higher quality, but longer rendering times, select Standard or High.

These settings don't affect the quality of the exported slideshow.

Next, let's export your slideshow.

Other Panels

The Options, Layout, and Backdrop panels are not included here as they are self explanatory.