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There are many ways to zoom.

Navigator Panel: Zoom Bar

You can change the size of your photograph in the work area by using the zoom bar in the Navigator panel.


Zoom Bar

Fit, Fill, 1:1, & 2:1

Click Fit, Fill, 1:1, and 2:1.

Fit fits the entire photograph into the workspace.

Fill fills the work area with the photograph that may be cropped.

1:1 magnifies the photograph to 100%.

2:1 magnifies the photograph to 200%.

1:1, and larger magnifications, may take a moment to be created.


Fit to work area


Fill work area





More Magnifications

Open the zoom-bar menu by clicking the up-down-arrow icon at the end of the zoom bar.

Click a magnification to enlarge your photograph.

If you're in Grid view, the view changes to Loupe view.

The magnification you selected from the zoom-bar menu becomes the fourth choice on the zoom bar.

Grid & Loupe Views: Sliders

Grid View

In Grid view you can use the slider in the tool bar to change the size of the previews.

Double click a preview to go to Loupe view with Fit as the magnification.

Loupe View

In Loupe view, add the zoom slider to the tool bar.

Click the white triangle on the left end of the tool bar, and select Zoom.

Zoom Click Point to Center

By default, Lightroom enlarges a photograph from the center of the photograph.

Let's say you photographed Mount Everest, and the mountain is in the center.

No matter where you click on the scene, the mountain will be in the center.

But, what if you want to zoom in on the base camp?

You want the base camp to become the new "center" of the photograph.

Do the following to change the default setting.

1) Go to File > Preferences (Windows) or Lightroom > Preferences (Mac).

2) Click the Interface tab.

3) At the bottom under Tweaks, select Zoom clicked point to center.


Zoom clicked point to center


On Tool Bar?


Keyboard Shortcuts

Zoom in: Ctrl + =

Zoom out: Ctrl + –

Right Click Menu


Menu on Top of the Screen

View > Zoom In & Out

On Preview Cell (Border)?


Other & Related Methods

To toggle between Fit & the last magnification used:

• Press the spacebar

• Press z

• Double click on a preview