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Watermarks are text and images placed on your photographs.

Most often, photographers place their copyright information on their photographs.

You can add watermarks when:



Exporting with Watermarks

1) In the Library module, click the Export button in the lower-left corner.

2) In the Watermarking section:

• Select Watermark.

• Open the empty menu.


Watermarking Section

3) Click Edit Watermarks in the menu window.

4) Enter your copyright information in the box under your photograph.

a) Copy and paste the copyright symbol.


There are other methods in Characters & Symbols.

b) Enter the year.

c) Enter your name.

5) You can modify your watermark using the tools on the right side of the Watermark Editor window.

Image Options

Use Image Options to insert a photograph of your copyright information on your photograph.

Text Options

Use Text Options to modify your copyright information.


Watermark Effects

Use Watermark Effects to adjust the opacity, size, and position of your copyright information on your photograph.


6) Click Save.

7) Enter a name for the watermark.

8) Click Create.

You can access the Watermark Editor by going to Edit > Edit Watermarks (Windows) or Lightroom > Edit Watermarks (Mac).

Printing with Watermarks

1) Go to the Print module.

2) Open the Page panel.

3) Select Watermark.

4) Click the menu that says None.

Follow the instructions at 5) above.