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Star Ratings

Typically, star ratings are used to rate the quality of photographs.

See the chart below for a summary of the ways you can set the star ratings.

Auto Advance

When setting star ratings, use Auto Advance.

Press the Caps Lock key.

Then, when you set a star rating, the next preview is automatically selected.

Remember to turn off the Caps Lock key when finished!

Star Ratings Chart

On Tool Bar?


Keyboard Shortcuts

0 = No stars

1 = ★

2 = ★★t

3 = ★★★

4 = ★★★★

5 = ★★★★★

Right Click Menu


Menu on Top of the Screen

Photo > Set Rating

On Preview Cell (Border)?


Other & Related Methods

Click on a star to delete it.

Click & hold, and drag on the stars from left-to-right to select.

Press the Caps-lock key to engage Auto Advance.

Press the Caps-lock key to engage Auto Advance.