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You can stack related previews.

The term stack is from when photographer's stacked slides on light tables.

By stacking previews, you clear space in the work area.

You can make stacks in collections as well as folders.

Create a Stack

Select the previews, and then create the stack by doing one of the following.

On Tool Bar?


Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + g

Right Click Menu

Select Stacking > Group into Stack

Menu on Top of the Screen

Photo > Stacking

On Preview Cell (Border)?


Other & Related Methods

• Open & collapse stacks: s

• To change the preview on top of the stack: Select the new preview & press Shift + s

• Move a preview up or down a stack: Shift + [ or Shift + ].

• Unstack: Shift + Ctrl + g

Open & Collapse a Stack

After creating a stack, a white rectangle appears in the upper-left corner of the preview at the top of the stack.

The rectangle contains the number of previews in the stack.

To open or collapse the stack, click the white rectangle, or press s.

More Options

There are more options in the above chart under Other.

There are even more options when you go to Photo > Stacking.

Compare & Survey Views

You can use the Compare and Survey views to edit the order of the images in a stack.