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Publish Services

You can use Lightroom with photo sharing websites.

There are three steps.

Flickr will be used here.

Step #1 - Set Up

1) In the Library module, open the Publish Services panel on the left side of your screen.

2) Click Set Up in the Flickr tab.

The Lightroom Publishing Manager window will open.

3) Click Log In in the Flickr Account section.

4) Follow the directions for authorizing the connection between Lightroom and Flickr.

After you click Done, you'll return to the Lightroom Publishing Manager window.

5) In the Publish Service section enter Flickr in the Description box.

6) In the Flickr Title section, choose Filename or IPTC Title.

The IPTC title is a title that may be in the metadata.

7) As needed, use the other sections in the Lightroom Publishing Manager window as you would the same sections in the Export window.

8) Click Save.

Step #2 - Create a Photoset

A photoset is a collection that will be published to Flickr.

It will be a set on Flickr.

9) Navigate to the photographs that you want to publish to Flickr.

You may need to use the Catalog, Folder, or Collections panels.

10) Select the photographs that you want to publish.

11) Right click on the Flickr tab and select Create Photoset.

12) Enter a name for the photoset.

13) In the Options section, select Include selected photos.

14) Click Create.

If you don't want to create a set on Flickr, you can simply drag the thumbnails onto the Photostream collection that Lightroom has created automatically.

Step #3 - Publish the Photoset

15) Make sure the photoset is selected.

16) Do one of the following.

• Click the Publish button in the lower-left corner of your screen.

• Right click on the photoset and select Publish Now.

Downloading Entire Sets on Flickr

Let's say you photographed John and Malick's wedding.

Visitors to your Flickr website may want to download all of the photographs in the set, John & Malick's Wedding.

They can't, with Flickr.

However, send them a link to the set created with FlickandShare.

It's free.

They can download all of the photographs using the link.

If You Want to Download Entire Sets

You can use an app to do so, such as Bulkr.

There are other download apps, too.