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Learn Photography

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1) Go to the Develop module or press d.

2) Open the Lens Correction panel and check Enable Profile Corrections.

3) Open the Transform panel and click the Guides button.

4) Look for a line in the scene that should be vertical or horizontal.

5) Click, hold, and drag partway along that line.

When you release the mouse button an Upright Guide is added.

6) Repeat the above step, as needed.

You can create four Upright Guides.

7) Click Done.

The other buttons in the panel do the following.

Level corrects horizontal distortions.

Vertical corrects vertical distortions.

Auto corrects both vertical and horizontal distortions with little, if any cropping.

Full corrects both vertical and horizontal distortions as well as extreme distortions.

Parts of the photograph may be cropped.