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Dual Monitors

You can easily use two monitors with Lightroom.

On the left end of the Filmstrip, look for the two buttons labeled 1 and 2.


1 is your main display.

2 is the secondary display.

If you're using only one monitor, click the 2.

You can also press F11 (Windows) or Cmd + F11 (Mac).

A window will open simulating the secondary display.


Secondary Display

Change the View

To change the view in the secondary display, press and hold Shift.

Then press g, e, c, or n.


Shift + g


Shift + e


Shift + c


Shift + n

Loupe - Live

Do the following.

1) Go to Loupe view in the secondary display.

2) Click Live in the upper-right corner of the secondary display.

When you mouse-over a preview in Grid view or in the Filmstrip, it will appear in Loupe view in the secondary display.


Locked freezes the current photograph in Loupe view.

Swap the Two Displays

To swap the displays, drag Lightroom from one display to the other display

Click and hold the bar at the top.

It's the bar with the buttons.


If you don't see the buttons, press f until you do.

Modify the Secondary Display

Here's another way to modify the secondary display.

To change the secondary display, click and hold on the 2 button.

The secondary display menu opens.


Move the Panel?

Unfortunately, you can't move a panel to the secondary display.