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Compare Original to Edited Version

The comparison views below compare the original photograph to the edited version.

The original photograph is the before view.

The edited version is the after view.


Before: B&W, After: Cyanotype Preset

Comparison View Tool Bar Icons

Click the tool-bar icon below to cycle through the before-and-after views.

There's a menu to the right of the button with the different views.



To return to the after view, click the Loupe view icon or press d.


Loupe View

You can also use these keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts


To toggle between before-and-after views, press \.

Split Left & Right

To see the left half as the before view, and the right half as the after view, press y.

Press y again to return to the after view.

Split Top & Bottom

Use Alt + y to see the top half as the before view, and the bottom half as the after view.

Press Alt + y again to return to the after view.

Two Entire Photographs

Press Shift + y to see the entire photograph twice, the before version on the left, and the after version on the right.

Press Shift + y again to return to the after view.

Keyboard Shortcuts Summary


Toggle between before & after


Split left & right

Alt + y

Split top & bottom

Shift + y

Two entire photographs, side-by-side

When Creating a B&W Version

When you're creating a black-and-white version of a photograph, you adjust the colors to adjust the grays.

Use one of the comparison views to see both, the colors in the original photograph, and the grays in the black-and-white version.


Before: Color, After: B&W

Copy History Step Settings to Before

What if you need to compare the current edit—with an earlier edit—not with the original?

For example, let's say you're editing a headshot.

You've done ten edits.

You're now adjusting the skin tone.

After doing all that editing, you probably don't want to use the original as the before view.

Do the following.

1) Open the History panel on the left side of your screen.

2) Right click on the history step that you would like to use as the new before.

3) Select Copy History Step Settings to Before.


Copy History Step Settings to Before