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3 - Three More Places

Look in the upper-right corner of Lightroom, and make sure you're in the Library module.

Besides appearing in the work area, your selected photograph appears in three more places on your screen.

Place #1 - Navigator Panel

The selected photograph appears in the Navigator in the top left corner of your screen.


Navigator Panel

You can change the size of your photograph in the work area by using the zoom bar in the Navigator panel.


Zoom Bar

Fit, Fill, 1:1, & 2:1

Click Fit, Fill, and 1:1.


Fit fits the entire photograph into the workspace.


Fill fills the work area with the photograph.

The photograph may be cropped.


1:1 magnifies the photograph to 100%.

1:1, and larger magnifications, may take a moment to be created.

4th Item in the Zoom Bar

The fourth item in the zoom bar is the last magnification that you used.

Zoom Bar Menu

Click the two-arrows icon to open the zoom-bar menu.


Zoom Bar Menu

Here are the magnifications as percentages.























Other Ways to Zoom

Go to Zoom.

Box in the Navigator Image

The box in the Navigator image shows the area seen in the work area.

As you enlarge the photograph, the box becomes smaller.

Place the cursor inside the Navigator panel, but not inside the box.

The cursor changes to a + icon.

Click on the image in the Navigator panel.

The box jumps to where you clicked.

Place the cursor on the edge of the box.

The cursor changes to a hand icon.

Click and hold, and drag the box to move around the photograph.


As you move the cursor, the image in the Navigator panel previews the photograph below the cursor.

The panels and features mentioned below will be described later.

Folders & Collections Panels

The Folders and Collections panels are located on the left side.

If you move the cursor over a folder or a collection, the Navigator panel shows the first photograph in the folder or collection.


The Filmstrip is located at the bottom of your screen.

If you move the cursor over a preview in the Filmstrip, it is previewed in the Navigator panel.


In the Develop module, there are presets.

Presets carry out a series of editing actions with a single click.

For example, you can convert color to black-and-white by clicking a preset.

When you move the cursor over a preset, the image in the Navigator panels shows the effect of the preset.

Place #2 - Histogram Panel

The photograph also appears in the Histogram panel in the top right corner.


Histogram Panel

A histogram displays how many pixels there are of each tone.

The vertical axis is the number of pixels.

The horizontal axis are the tones.


Shadows are on the left, midtones in the middle, and highlights, on the right.

The histogram is useful for identifying clipping.

Clipping may occur:

• When photographing, a photograph is underexposed or overexposed.

• When editing, the exposure tools are used too strongly.

We'll cover clipping in the Develop module section.

Place #3 - Filmstrip

At the bottom of your screen, all of the photographs in the work area appear in a row in the Filmstrip.




To make the previews smaller or larger, do the following.

1) Position your cursor over the top of the Filmstrip.

2) The cursor will change to a double arrow.

3) Click, hold, and drag the Filmstrip up or down.


Click the gray arrow, located at the bottom of your screen in the center, to make the Filmstrip disappear.

Click the gray arrow in the same location to make the Filmstrip reappear.

Or, press F6 to make the Filmstrip disappear and reappear.

See a Photograph Bigger

Place the cursor over a photograph in the Filmstrip to see it enlarged in the Navigator panel.


You can select a preview, or several, and using the same methods as those in the work area.

Move a preview

To move a preview, do the following.

1) You have to click on the bottom-most folder or bottom-most collection.

Let's say you've clicked on a folder called Paul & John Wedding.

There are several sub-folders under the Paul & John Wedding folder.

You won't be able to move the previews.

You have to click on one of the sub-folders, such as one called Reception.

2) Click and hold on the image, and not the border around the image.

3) Drag it to its new position.


Scroll back-and-forth on the Filmstrip by using the left and right arrow keys.

Auto Hide

If you close the Filmstrip, by default, it will reopen if you move your cursor near it.

If you find this annoying, do the following.

1) Right click on the gray triangle at the bottom of your screen, in the middle, that open-and-closes the Filmstrip.

2) Select Manual.

Before looking at the panels we haven't covered yet, we'll learn how to manage the panels.