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2 - Warning

Importing Isn't What

You Think It Is

The term importing implies that your photographs are moved into Lightroom.


Lightroom does move your photographs from your memory card to your computer.

But—the photographs are not moved into Lightroom.

Lightroom only links to the location of the files elsewhere on your computer.

Look, Don't Touch

If you go to where the Lightroom photographs are located on your computer, you can look at them.

But don't "touch" them.


• Delete

• Rename

• Change any folders

Instead, go to Lightroom to:

• Delete

• Rename

• Change any folders


Let's say you have a folder called Glaciers.

You've imported the glacier photographs into Lightroom.

You want to rename the folder from Glaciers to Glaciers - Europe.

Do the following.

1) Go to Lightroom.

2) Press g to go to the Library module.

3) In the Folders panel, on the left side of your screen, navigate to the Glaciers folder.

4) Right click on the folder and click Rename.


What Can Go Wrong

Let's say you went to Pictures and changed the Glaciers folder name to Glaciers - Europe.


Then, you went to Lightroom to edit a photograph in the Glaciers - Europe folder.

The folder and photograph are missing.



When in Pictures—or wherever your photographs are located on your computer—look but don't touch.

You can look at your photographs there—but don't do anything to them or to their folders.

Make any changes in Lightroom.