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This is a detail from a collage
done by a 7th grade student.
I'm saying, "Where's my Coke?"

Why photokaboom?

Years ago, in a class, I saw Le Banquet, by the French photographer, Bernard Faucon.


My brain went kaboom.

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Before After

I had never seen photography like that before.

While I didn't pursue constructed photography, myself, seeing it opened the possibilities of photography to me.

My Work

I enjoy being a flâneur with a camera, whether I'm:

• On the street (Man in the Crowd).

• Or hiking up Vroman's Nose (My Side of the Mountain).

Observing with a camera in hand is more photography for me than is a print on the wall.

A common theme is personality, whether from people, or things, like bikes and chairs.

Go to my Flickr website or click on the photographs below.


I'm a photography teacher in Sarasota, formerly of NYC.

My teaching is far more important to me than my own photography.

I love photography; my passion is teaching photography.

I enjoy creating an environment in which students learn, gain more confidence and direction, and have fun.

Classes & Private Lessons

I teach at the International Center of Photography (online classes), and do private lessons and trips in Sarasota.


Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me.

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