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In these projects, photographers follow in the footsteps of older photographers, photographing in the exact same location, with the same focal length.


Archaeological Collage Online

Atget Rephotographic Project

Atlanta Time Machine

Chicago Then & Now

Dear Photograph With text

Double Take: A Rephotographic Survey of Madison, Wisconsin Book

John Fielder's Colorado

Hidden Glasgow

Lignières: Then and Now

The Craft of "Then and Now" Photography

Port Townsend Then and Now

McCord Museum - Urban Life through Two Lenses

NewYorkChanging David Levere

New York Changing

Paris Changing Christopher Rauschenberg

Re-picturing the Picturesque

Springfield Rewind

Then & Now Photography Wisconsin

Third View: Rephotography Project

Invincible Cities

Urban Life Through Two Lenses

Vertigo: Then and Now Hitchcock and San Francisco