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Pinhole Cameras (Atypical)

Camera Obscura

Abelardo Morell:

Abelardo Morell

Abelardo Morell

Abelardo Morell

Abelardo Morell

Abelardo Morell

Abelardo Morell Interview

The Camera Obscura and Photography: A Hands-on Process Approach

Camera Obscura - Merlin Pinhole Cameras

Dark Wonder - History of the Camera Obscura

Giant Camera of San Francisco

History of the Camera Obscura

Magic Mirror of Life: An Appreciation of the Camera Obscura

Charles Schwartz

Vera Lutter:

Vera Lutter

Vera Lutter

Vera Lutter

Vera Lutter

Vera Lutter Interview

Camera Obscura 1-INF Project

General Pinhole

An Online Guide to Pinhole Photography

Abelson Scope Works Anamorphic pinhole cameras

Camera Truck Beautifully designed pinhole cameras

Corbis ReadyCams PDF pinhole camera templates

Coded Aperture Imaging


Pinhole Photography Articles George L. Smyth

Pinhole Photography Jon Grepstad

How to Make a Pinhole Camera

How to Make Good Pictures (Using Your Washing Machine)

Making a Pinhole Lens for SLR Cameras

Medium Format Pinhole Lego Camera

Merlin Pinhole Cameras Paint cans

Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography - Stew Woodruff

Photography Without Lenses Multi-hole, double slits, zone plates, excellent list of suppliers, etc.

Pinhole Photography and Camera Design Calculator Excellent links, camera design software, etc.

Pinhole Photography - History, Images, Cameras, Formulas

Pinhole Resource

Pinholes by Lenox Laser

PokeScope Stereoscopic Resources For digital cameras

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Zero Image Company Wooden pinhole cameras

Pinhole Photographer Websites

Taku Aramasa Sakura

Craig Barber

Wayne Belger:

Wayne Belger

Wayne Belger

Wayne Belger

Wayne Belger Interview

Anita Chernewski

Bethany de Forest

Guy Glorieux

Ann Hamilton Uses mouth as a matt box

Jeff Korte Lake Superior area

Vera Lutter

Abelardo Morell

Philippe Moroux

no rules street photography

William Mokrynski

Han Nguyen

Thomas Hudson Reeve

Marcia C. Sheer

Ruth Thorne-Thomsen:

Ruth Thorne-Thomsen

Ruth Thorne-Thomsen

Ruth Thorne-Thomsen

Michael Wesely Makes multi-year-length exposures

Willie Anne Wright See Pools