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Here are some of the classic books about photography.

Criticism & Theory

Robert Adams Beauty in Photography: Essays in Defense of Traditional Values
Roland Barthes Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography
John Berger About Looking, Selected Essays of John Berger, and Ways of Seeing
Richard Bolton, Editor The Contest of Meaning: Critical Histories of Photography
Max Kozloff Photography and Fascination: Essays
Alberto Manguel Reading Pictures: A history of Love and Hate
William Mitchell The Reconfigured Eye: Visual Truth in the Post-photographic Era
Christopher Phillips Photography in the Modern Era: European Documents and Critical Writings, 1913-1940
Susan Sontag On Photography
Carol Squiers, Editor The Critical Image: Essays on Contemporary Photography
Alan Trachtenberg Classic Essays on Photography
John Szarkowski Photographer's Eye and Photography Until Now

History of Photography

Jonathan Green American Photography: A Critical History 1945 to the Present
Beaumont Newhall The History of Photography
Naomi Rosenblum A World History of Photography