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Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free, easy to use, online editor.

Only JPEG photographs can be edited.

Step #1

Go to

Step #2

Scroll down and click Start the Editor.


Step #3

Click Upload Photo.


Step #4

Click Upload.


Step #5

Navigate to where your photograph is located on your computer.


It's probably in a folder in Pictures or My Pictures.

a) Click on the thumbnail of the photograph.

b) Click Open.

Step #6

Click Exposure on the left side of the window.


Step #7


Choose one of the thumbnails at the top of the window.

a) Click and hold on the slider.

b) Move your mouse or finger on your touch pad.

c) Select the best version.

Step #8


Below your photograph, you can click . . .

. . . Zoom

Click the icon to open the slider.

Click the icon again to close the slider.

. . . Undo and Redo

Click Undo if you've made a mistake.

Click Undo, and then Redo, back-and-forth, to compare your editing.

. . . Reset

Click Reset to return to the original photograph.

. . . View Original

Click and hold View Original to see your original photograph.

. . . Cancel

Click Cancel to close the window without saving your editing.

. . . Done

Click Done to save your editing.

Don't click Done if you're going to use more tools besides Exposure.

Step #9

Click on the other tools on the left side of the window, as needed.

For example, if the shadows are too dark on your photograph, click Fill Light.

Step #10

To save your editing, do the following.

a) Click Done in the lower-right corner of the editing window.

b) Click Save to my computer.


Adobe Photoshop Express automatically appends edited to the name of your photograph.

Double click on the name to change it, if needed.

Make sure .jpg is at the end of your new file name.


c) Click Save.


You now have, on your computer, your original photograph and the edited version.