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Robert Frank & Walker Evans'

To Do Lists

Geoff Dryer, in the ongoing moment, cites Robert Frank and Walker Evans' lists of their photography goals.

You may wish to do something similar.

Robert Frank

a town at night, a parking lot, a supermarket, a highway, the man who owns three cars and the man who owns none, the farmer and his children, a new house and a warped clapboard house, the dictation of taste, the dream of grandeur, advertising, neon lights, the faces of the leaders, the faces of the followers, gas tanks and post offices and backyards . . .

Walker Evans

People, all classes, surrounded by bunches of the new down-and-out.

Automobiles and the automobile landscape.

 Architecture, American urban taste, commerce, small scale, large scale, clubs, the city atmosphere, the street smell, the hateful stuff, women’s clubs, fake culture, bad education, religion in decay.

The movies.

Evidence of what people of the city read, eat, see for amusement, do for relaxation and not get it.



A lot else, you see what I mean.