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5 - Other Topics

Here are six other topics for good flower photography.

Topic #1 - ISO

For the best color, and the least amount of noise, use a low ISO setting, such as 100 or 200.

Noise consists of specs of inappropriate colors (color noise) and specs that are brighter or darker than they should be (luminosity noise).

When using higher ISO settings, noise will be increased.

Topic #2 - Exposure Compensation

Underexpose for richer color by setting the exposure compensation to a minus value.

Topic #3 - Composition

We have already delved into composition with the discussion of background and foreground.

Two other composition topics need to be highlighted.

Composition Topic A - Keep It Simple

Be especially cautious when there are many elements in the frame.

This occurs in many flower photographs, due to multiple flowers, leaves, and branches.

Composition Topic B - Vantage Point

Where the camera is located is important.

Don't take every photograph from a comfortable position.

Wear Knee Pads!

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Get Closer, Usually

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Topic #4 - Spritz with Water

A cliché, but "dew" drops do appeal to our eyes.

Bring along a spritzer bottle, if permitted where you're photographing.

Also, photograph in the rain with a patient associate who can hold the umbrella.

Topic #5 - Tripods

Too bad we can't position our cameras, and then be able to let go of them.

And, the viewfinder would be in our hands, with a tiny joy stick for maneuvering the camera position.

We need drone cameras!

Tripods are cumbersome.

Use one in which you can splay the legs out so you can work close to the ground.

An extension arm is also convenient.

Topic #6 - Check Policies

Prior to photographing in botanical gardens and elsewhere, check the photography policies of the garden.