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Studio Lighting

Yousuf Karsh, who created iconic portraits of many people, used at least three lights above.

1) There's a light to the left and behind President Kennedy.

The light is creating rim lighting on the face and hands.

2) There's a light above, behind, and on the right.

The light is illuminating the President's hair.

3) There's a light near the camera.

The light is dimmer than the other lights.

It's filling in, brightening, the shadow.

Can you do what Karsh did?



Obviously, as you work through this section, you'll gain a better understanding of studio lighting.

You'll also gain a better understanding of the light you encounter outside the studio.

The same lighting principles used in the studio are seen outside the studio.

The first thirteen sections describe studio lighting principles with examples.

The Shooting List page is your homework.

It's an illustrated list of lighting set ups to try.

Set your light(s) up and learn studio lighting.