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Calculate How Many Files

A Memory Card Will Hold

Step 1

Enter the nine values for your camera below.

The values probably can be found in your camera manual.

Get the page number under Quality or Specifications in the index.

If the information isn't in the manual, try B&H.

Go to your camera's page and click the Specifications tab.

Then, scroll down to Memory.

  JPEG Fine JPEG Normal JPEG Basic Raw

All Values Above Must Be Megabytes (MB)

Step 2

Enter the size of your memory card in gigabytes (GB).

For example, a 512 MB card is .5 GB.

Gigabytes (GB)

Step 3


Below, are the number of files that will fit on your memory card, depending on the setting.

The values are approximate because some of the space on your memory card is used for formatting and other functions.

  JPEG Fine JPEG Normal JPEG Basic Raw

Raw + JPEG*


* JPEG Basic (L)

Step 4

Print this page before you click Clear All Numbers below.

What if you have another memory card of a different size?

Simply highlight the memory card size in Step 2, enter the new value, and click Calculate.