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2 - Setting the Exposure

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Mr. Shutter Speed Ms. Lens Opening Mr. ISO

Controlling the Amount of Light

Mr. Shutter Speed and Ms. Lens Opening control how much light reaches the sensor inside your camera.

The sensor needs a certain amount of light.

If it gets too much light, the photograph is overexposed.

It's washed out.

If the sensor gets too little light, the photograph is underexposed.

The photograph is too dark.

How Do They Measure the Light?

There has to be a way for Mr. Shutter Speed and Ms. Lens Opening to measure the brightness of the light.

They use a light meter inside your camera.

The light meter measures the intensity of the light in the scene that you're photographing.

The measurement is called light reading.

When you lightly press the shutter release, two things happen.

1) The light meter turns on, and a light reading is taken.

2) Mr. Shutter Speed and Ms. Lens Opening set the exposure.

Let's look at how Mr. Shutter Speed sets the exposure.