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Dithering Example from TFT Central

Here's an example of dithering from TFT Central.

The illustration below is a magnified view of the LCD monitor screens.

The illustration depicts how nine shades of gray appear on 6-bit and 8-bit LCD monitors.

The top row shows how the colors appear on an 8-bit LCD monitor.

The bottom row shows how dithering simulates the colors that are missing on 6-bit LCD monitors.


The first, fifth, and ninth colors, are present on both the 6-bit and 8-bit LCD monitors.

On the 6-bit monitor, six of the colors are not available.

Dithering has to simulate these six colors.

Dithering simulates the missing colors by using mixes of similar colors.

We blend the colors together, and perceive them as if they're the missing color.

The shades of gray in the bottom row are exaggerated.

If you look at the bottom row from a distance, you can see how the checkerboard colors blend together to form a single color.