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The above photograph is from The Pencil of Nature, the first book published with photographs.

I love the sense of the package, a traveling idea.

Someone can pick it up and the idea can explode in their face.

The book is a perfect vehicle for photography.

Martin Parr

Gefter, P. (2005, January 16).

Photography reveals itself between the covers.

The New York Times.

Photography, perhaps more so than the other arts, fits into books physically and emotionally.

A book can be held, which is physical, of course.

However, there can be an emotional dimension to this, as well.

Being seated, with the art in your hands, is a different experience, than is art hanging on a wall.

Also, a book can:

• Have a large quantity of work.

• Be arranged sequentially.

• Have a beginning and an end.

• Be accessible, cost wise, and for repeated viewings.

Many online labs offer books of good quality and a reasonable price.

Go to Book Publishing.

You can also make your own book.


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