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Once a Day

Photograph something once a day, week, or year.

If you photograph something once a day for a week or two, you'll learn more than you think you will about light.

Once a ?

Longer projects are possible, too.

Nicholas Nixon has been photographing his wife, and her sisters, annually, for over thirty years.

Forty Portraits in Forty Years

These two families have been documenting themselves for many years:

Time Goldberg familiy

Diego (19/07/73) - Eli (06/01/76) - Martín (16/4/82)

Here's another family series.

Zed Nelson

You can start an annual photography project.

The subject can be family, or something else, such as a garden.

Duane Michals did a seasonal project.

He photographed his garden each season, and hand colored the B&W prints.


Duane Michals