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1 - Introduction


It's Not Easy

Photography was a tough business years ago.

For example, Joseph G. Gessford was hired by another party to photograph Mark Twain.

Mark Twain' secretary wrote the photographer relaying Twain's surprise that the Gessford didn't automatically give Twain prints.

Gessford wrote back:

I could no more afford to give you these pictures than you can afford to write books for free.

Joseph G. Gessford*

Times haven't changed for photographers.

Making a profit with photography is tough.

Here are some thoughts about becoming a professional photographer.

Avoid Failure

You can be the best photographer—but will fail after a couple of years—unless:

• You implement the non-photography skills you need to succeed.

• You have a perspective of today's marketplace—a buyer's marketplace.

• You have capital reserves you'll need.

Let's look at each of the above three topics.

* Rugg, Linda Haverty. ((1997). Picturing Ourselves. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.