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4.2 – Using GIMP >

Erase Part of a Layer

1 – Mac Students

When you see Ctrl in the tutorial, use the Cmd key instead.

2 – Erase Part of a Layer

1) Click the top layer to make it active.

2) Right click on the layer and select Add Alpha Channel.

It's near the bottom of the menu.


3) Select the Eraser tool.


4) As needed, change the brush setting in the lower left corner of your screen.

The red numbers below refer to locations on the second screenshot below.

1) 100% opacity means the brush removes all of the image.

Lower the opacity percentage to remove less.

2) Click to open the brush menu to select a brush type.

The default brush (circled in red below) is a good starting point.


3) Click the arrows to change the size of the brush.

You can also use the bracket keys on your keyboard.

[ – Smaller

] – Larger

4) Hardness is another term for feathering.

See the hardness examples below.

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