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4 - Travel Guide for This Book


The topics in this book are loosely organized.

This reflects how everyone's way-of-working is different.

You can dip into the book according to your interests and whims of the moment.

You need not read the book from front-to-back.

Set the book aside for a time.

Return to it for inspiration and energy, periodically.

Creative Energy Questionnaire

Use the Creative Energy Questionnaire to find out more about yourself as a photographer, and where you want to go next.


Take two kinds of notes as you use the book.

Written Notes

Jot down your thoughts in the margins, a notebook, or on your PDA.

Visual Notes

Place some of your photographs in a 3-ring binder with pages for your prints.

You can also have a folder, called Visual Notes, on your computer.

The photographs will remind you what to do more of, and what to do less of.

Review your visual notes occasionally before you pick up your camera.