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44.7 - Good Creation Story

#7: Good Creation Story

Have had, or purport to have had, a transcendental experience, especially one after a trying period in one's life, a horrendous event, season-in-hell, or a solitary trip to the "desert."

For example, Deborah Wye, chief curator of prints and illustrated books at the Museum of Modern art, describes an experience she had in a class about modern art.

I saw Andy's soup cans and Oldenburgh's hamburgers flash on the screen and couldn't believe my eyes.

That was art?

The art bug suddenly bit me.

Carl [Cart Belz, the professor of the class] would take us to galleries in New York.

We went to Leo Castelli's gallery, where Ivan Karp worked.

Ivan sent us straight over to Andy Warhol's studio.

That was how it was in those days.1

1 Kimmelman, M. (January 7, 2005). For a Cinderella Art, A Fairy Godmother. New York Times, p. B37.