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40 - Reasons for Good Photography

That's photography, above, not photographs.

As mentioned, having a way-of-working that suits you, makes for good photography.

The ways-of-working for many photographers include the following traits.

Tolerance for Ambiguity

Two earlier sections, Do Think More and Don't Think So Much, are at odds with each other.

Ways-of-working in photography involve being able to move between various ambiguities.

Henri Cartier-Bresson said:

Photography can create great anxiety. You know too much—and you know too little.1

Here are two more ambiguous poles that photographers must move between.

Ability to Be Solitary

Photographers have to be solitary at times, and connected at other times.

Being with a group of people often interferes with your doing photography.

Connections with Other Photographers

While photography is often a solitary experience, photographers must interact with others.

The best part of a photography class is not what you learn from the teacher.

It's the feedback you get from fellow photographers.

Once a class ends, many photographers feel diminished.

They no longer have as much energy for their photography.

There are ways to connect with other photographers.

If there's no gathering place for photographers in your locality, make one.

1 Cartier-Bresson, H. (Interviewed). (1972). The decisive moment [Narrated slide show]. New York: Scholastic Achievement Series.