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18 - Dashed Expectations

Just like mistakes, dashed expectations can be problems or problem-solving opportunities.

When I give a portrait assignment to beginning students, I ask them to arrange a portrait sitting with their model.

Rather than a spur of the moment portrait, I ask them to plan ahead.


Why that person?

What kind of light?

Etc., etc., etc.

They have to think more about the photograph than they normally would.

They can't just grab somebody, snap away, and be done.


Marge scheduled her elderly mother, Isadora, for a portrait session.

Marge wanted to take a picture of Isadora with a mountain behind her mother.

For forty years Isadora has awakened and had her coffee while looking at the mountain.

On the day of the session it was raining.

But, Marge didn't cancel the session.

She posed Isadora under the eave of her home to keep her out of the rain.

There was a reflection of the mountain in the window behind her mother.

Marge got Isadora, the mountain, and her mother's beloved home, in the picture.

The portrait session, under the duress of rain, made for a better portrait.

Collaborate with problems.