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12 - Do Think More

Think as you bring your camera to your eye.

I imagine a Rolodex flipping in my mind.

A Rolodex is a file of small cards mounted on an axle.

One spins a knob on the side to flip from one card to another.


Each card in the file is a choice I must consider.

First, you have visceral response to what's in front of you.

Then, you've got to flip through a mental Rolodex of photographic choices to be considered.

The Rolodex becomes mostly intuitive, eventually.

Sort of like when you're driving, and you suddenly realize that you don't remember the last mile of your trip.

The driving was automatic.

The photographic choices become more automatic the more you experiment and practice.

The Great Ingredients = Great Photograph is an example of what you must consider before pressing the shutter release.