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#8 – Your Own Assignments or Project

Why Are You Doing this Assignment?

You have invested a great deal of time and money into this class.

To retain what you have learned, and to add to your skills, I suggest that you do self-assignments or a project.

This models what you need to do when the class ends, keep taking lots of pictures, if you’re going to progress as a photographer.


A class provides structure and feedback.

When the class ends, you won't be getting assignments.

You won't be getting the reward of showing your work to the class.

So, many photographers go back to only photographing family events and trips.

What they've learned evaporates without exercise.

I suggest that you give yourself assignments that can be done while you go about your day-to-day life.

To encourage exercising one's photography skills after the class ends, everyone does their own assignments or projects during the last couple of weeks of the class.

Your Own Assignments

Experiment with an assignment each week, devised with the help of your teacher and your classmates.

Your assignments may be related to the tools of photography, such as lighting.

Or, they could be relates to a photographic interest, such as genre of photography.

You may have a new photographic interest that you have discovered in your own work, the work of your classmates, or the work of other photographers shown during the class.


Or, you can do a project.

For example, a project could be doing three portraits to be framed together.


Go to Tips.

Go to Grow as a Photographer: Self-assignments.


Please bring photographs to each class.

Don't wait until the last class to show your work.