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#7 – Night Photography Excursion

Why Are You Doing this Assignment?

The assignment models risking taking.

Night photography is challenging.

Weather permitting, we'll go out for about an hour to do night photography.

Daytime classes, of course, won’t do night photography.


• Dress for the weather.

• Bring your camera with a fully-charged battery.

• Don’t bring a tripod, as it slows down everyone else.

Do the Following

1) Photograph moving cars and passersby.

2) Aim your camera at lights, and then move the camera during the exposure.

3) Pan a moving subject, such as a car.

4) Zoom the lens.

5) Photograph shop windows.

6) Photograph .


• Use the program exposure mode (P).

• Use a high ISO setting, such as ISO 3200.

• If you use slow shutter speeds, brace the camera against a lamppost, or set it on something.