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#6 - Interior

Why Are You Doing this Assignment?

When photographing an interior, you’ll encounter issues like lighting contrast and white balance.

Do the Following

Photograph an interior.

You can interpret interior narrowly, to be an architectural space, or more broadly, such as a metaphor.

If you're able to carry your camera around, photograph any and all interiors that you encounter.


• Don't photograph inside government and commercial buildings with first asking for permission.

• Because the light will probably be dim, set the exposure mode dial to S or Tv.

Avoid camera shake by not setting the shutter speed slower than 1/60th unless you're using a tripod or the camera is on a surface.

• Set the ISO to 800 or 1600 for most interiors.

• If there’s a difference in the intensity of light in the interior, it will be difficult to photograph.

For example, if there's a bright window, your camera's light meter may set the exposure for the window, not for the interior.

The interior will be too dark.

If the brightness of your exposure is not what you want, use exposure compensation to change the exposure.

• Set the white balance to match the color of the light source.

Sun From windows and in atriums


Light bulbs, Halogen lamps


Fluorescent tubes (except full-spectrum tubes)

• You can take some close ups of the interior, as well as photographs of the entire space.