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5.6 - Take Pictures of a Newspaper

In the last exercise, you're asked to use daylight.

In this exercise, you'll use artificial light.

Simply walk around photographing a newspaper or magazine page (with mostly text) with different types of artificial lights—incandescent, florescent, and so forth.

The newspaper will look the same to you—white.

In the photographs, the color of the newspaper will change.

Be sure to set the white balance of your camera to the sun icon.

Lighting Type Color of the Newspaper
Window light without sun but with a blue sky outside

Light bulbs (Incandescent, not florescent)

Florescent (Not full spectrum)

So, the light on a scene may appear differently when photographed.

Automatic white balance may make the correction for you.

However, on most cameras, selecting the white balance icon that matches the color of the light in the scene will produce more precise results.

You can also create a custom or preset white balance setting for the color of the light.