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13.4 - Exposure Mode Icons


There are icons on the exposure mode knob, and maybe, scene modes.


Here's what the most useful icons do.


Use the face icon for portraits.

The camera may select a wide lens opening (less depth-of-field) to blur the background.

The camera may also select a color balance that's optimized for skin tone and may reduce the contrast as well.


Use the mountain icon for landscapes.

The camera may select a color balance with more vivid color.


Use the flower icon for close-ups.

The camera may select a small lens opening (more depth-of-field) so more of the subject is in focus.


Use the jogger icon to freeze motion.

The camera will select a fast shutter speed to freeze the subject's motion.

Figure w/ Moon or Star

This icon is for night portraits.

The flash will illuminate the person.

The shutter will stay open longer to gather light from the dimmer background, so it is also well-exposed.

Movement in the background may be blurred.

Scene Modes

Your camera may have scene modes.

Scene modes are for tricky exposure situations, such as candlelight, fireworks, and so forth.