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Learn Photography

Photoshop Elements > Status Bar

The status bar is located between your photograph and the project bin/photo bin.


On the left, there's the magnification of your photograph.

To the right, current information about the photograph is displayed.

The displayed information can be changed by clicking the small black triangle.

Seven Choices

There are seven choices.


The most useful are Document Dimensions and Current Tool.

Document Sizes

Document Sizes gives you two figures.

The figure on the left is the approximate size of the file if it's flattened (all of the layers merged into a single layer).

The figure on the right is the file's approximate size with all of the layers.

Document Profile

Document Profile displays the color mode (space) of the photograph, the color profile file name, and the bit depth of the file.

Document Dimensions

Document Dimensions displays the dimensions of the photograph.

The unit of measurement, such as inches or pixels, can be changed in Preferences.

The dimensions of a photograph are useful when you're estimating how much feathering to add to a selection, for example.

A selection on a large photograph would need more feathering than one on a smaller photograph.

Scratch Sizes

Scratch Sizes displays two figures.

The figure on the left is the total amount of memory being used by Photoshop Elements.

The figure on the right is the amount of RAM that Photoshop Elements has set aside for its use.


Efficiency is the percentage of time of the execution of Photoshop Elements operations besides reading and writing files.


Timing is the amount of time for the last operation.

Current Tool

Current Tool is the just that.

You may find it easier to read what the current tool is, rather than looking at toolbox or the icons in options bar/Tool Options.