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Keyboard Shortcuts

You can download a copy to put along side your computer.

Download a Copy for Printing (PDF)

Tool Shortcuts

a Selection Brush n Pencil (Brush)
b Brush(Pencil) o Dodge (Burn, Sponge)
c Crop p Straighten
d Default Foreground & Background Colors q Cookie Cutter
e Eraser r Blur (Sharpen, Smudge)
f Magic Selection Brush s Clone Stamp
g Gradient t Type
h Hand (or hold down the space bar) u Custom Shape
i Eyedropper (or hold down Alt) v Move (or hold down Ctrl)
j Healing Brush (Spot Healing Brush) w Magic Wand
k Paint Bucket x Switch Foreground & Background Colors
l Lasso y Red Eye Removal
m Marquee z Zoom

Windows: Ctrl + Letter

Mac: Command (Cmd) or Apple + Letter

For example, Ctrl + 0 (Windows), or Cmd + 0 (Mac), will fit the image to the screen.

0 Fit on screen n New
a All o Open
b Color Balance in Photoshop p Print
c Copy q Close all
d Deselect r Auto Red Eye Removal
e Merge layers s Save (Save As is Shift + Ctrl + s)
f Last filter t Transform
g Group with previous layer* u Hue/Saturation
h Hide v Paste
i Invert (Positive to negative) w Close
j Duplicate layer x Cut
k Preferences y Redo
l Levels z Undo
m Curves in Photoshop    

* Also: Create Clipping Mask

Odds & Ends


Change size [ or ]
Change hardness Shift + [ or Shift + ]
Change opacity Number keys (0 - 9)

If you want to draw a straight line with a brush or the Pencil tool, click on the photograph where you want the line to begin, and release the mouse button.

Next, position the brush where you want the line to end.

Then, press and hold Shift, and click where you want the line to end.

To draw a horizontal line, press Shift and drag.

Crop Tool

Press Shift to make a square selection.

To draw the selection from a center point, press Alt.

Color Picker Tool

Clicking on a color with the Color picker tool selects the color for the foreground color.

Press and hold Alt, and click on a color, to select a color for the background color.


To fill with the foreground color, use Alt + Delete.

To fill with the background color, use Ctrl + Delete.

Image Size

Alt + Ctrl + i.

Layers Panel

To duplicate a layer, press Ctrl + j.

If Alt is pressed while dragging a layer onto the Create a new layer icon, the dialogue box will appear for the new layer.

To create a new layer under the current layer, press Ctrl while clicking the Create a New Layer icon.

To group a layer below the current layer with the current layer, press Ctrl + g (PSE 15: Ctrl + Alt + g).

Lasso Tools

Press and hold Alt to toggle between the Magnetic Lasso tool and the Lasso tool.

Press Backspace or Delete to go back one point when using the Polygonal and Magnetic Lasso tools.

Marquee Tool

Press Shift to constrain marquee to square or circle.

To draw a marquee from a center point, press Alt.

Panel Bin (Windows Only)

F7 Content
F8 Info
F9 Histogram
F10 Undo History
F11 Layers
F12 Navigator


All Cancel buttons in windows can be changed to a Reset button by pressing and holding Alt.


Press Shift + Ctrl + r to make the rulers appear or disappear.

You can change the units by right clicking on one of the rulers.

The 0-points can be changed by dragging the crosshairs in the upper-left corner of the screen to the desired position on the image.

You can restore the zero point to its default position by double clicking on the crosshairs in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Centering the 0-Points

To center the 0-points of the rulers on your photograph, select the Background copy layer.

Then select the Move tool.

As described above, drag the rulers to the center point.


To make another selection, press Shift and click.

Press Shift to add to a selection.

Press Alt to subtract from a selection.

To cut a selection, select the Move tool and click the selection.

Or, press Ctrl + x.

To delete a selection, press Esc or press Ctrl + d.

To reselect a selection, press Shift + Ctrl + d.

To hide a selection, press Ctrl + h, and to make it reappear, press Ctrl + h.

To copy a selection, press Alt when clicking on the selection with the Move tool, or press Ctrl + c.

Feather is Alt + Ctrl + d.

Inverse is Shift + Ctrl + i.

Paste into Selection is Shift + Ctrl + v.

Press and hold Alt to toggle between the Magnetic Lasso tool and the Lasso tool.


Double click the zoom tool icon to go to 100% image size.

Double click the hand tool icon to go to fit on the screen, or press Ctrl + 0 (zero).

Zoom Out is Ctrl +, and Zoom In is Ctrl -.

You can also press Ctrl + Space to go to Zoom Out, and Alt + Space to go to Zoom In.

You can drag a marquee on the image, to zoom in on the area inside the marquee.

Organizer (Windows Only)

F11 View full size
F12 Compare images side-by-side
Ctrl + b Burn
Ctrl + i Go to Full Edit (Standard Edit)
Ctrl + g Get photos from camera