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Panel Bin Setup

The panel bin is on the right side of the screen.

It's where the Layers panel is located, along with other panels.

The other panels help you with navigation, and they have information about your photographs.

Opening & Closing a Panel

Click the name of the panel.

If A Panel Isn't In the Bin

By default, Photoshop Elements places a few of the panels in the panel bin.

To go to the other panels, go to Window at the top of the screen, and select a panel.

Move Out of the Panel Bin

You can drag a panel out of the panel bin and position it where you want on your screen.

To put it back in the panel bin, do the following.

1) Click, hold, and drag it into the panel bin.

2) Move it around until the edge of the panel bin turns blue.

3) Release the mouse button.


Arrange the Panels In the Bin

To move a panel to a different position in the panel bin, click the top of the panel, hold, and drag it to its new position in the stack.

Shortcuts (Windows Only)

On a Windows computer, you can use these shortcuts to open a panel when it's in the panel bin.

F7 Content
F8 Info
F9 Histogram
F10 Undo History
F11 Layers
F12 Navigator