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1 - Make a Selection?

Nine Sections

Beginners may want to start here, and return to this article later.

There are nine sections about the basics of selection tools.

You're at 1 - Introduction.

Here are more advanced topics.


What is meant when we say, make a selection?

When you make a selection, a shape is drawn on your photograph.

Then, whatever you do next, happens only inside of the shape, the selection.

The Magic Wand tool was used to select the YUMMY sign below.

The dashed border of the selection is called the marching ants.

If you were looking at the selection in Photoshop Elements, the ants, the dashes, would be marching along.


Below, the Paint Bucket tool was used to change the area inside the selection from red to blue.


Next, Ctrl + c is pressed to copy what's inside the selection.

Then, the selection is pasted on another photograph by pressing Ctrl + v.


Next, we'll look at the three ways selection tools are used.